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We're here to provide invaluable support and guidance to parents embarking on the unique journey of raising autistic or neurodiverse children. This program serves as a lifeline for parents, connecting them with experienced mentors who have walked a similar path. 

The heart of this program is parent-to-parent peer support because we recognize that no one understands the challenges and triumphs of parenting a neurodiverse child better than someone who has been there themselves. Raising Harts pairs seasoned parents with those who are just beginning this profound journey.

Parents receive not only practical advice but a deep sense of empathy, emotional support and connection. Mentors offer a listening ear, share their personal experiences, and provide strategies to address the unique needs of neurodiverse children. They guide mentees through the maze of therapies, education options and advocacy, empowering them to make informed decisions that best suit their child’s needs. This program is a testament to the enduring love that we all have for our exceptional children.


Why Be a Raising Harts Mentor?

  • MAKE AN IMPACT on the lives of parents and autistic children.
  • SHARE KNOWLEDGE by offering your expertise
  • EXPAND YOUR NETWORK by connecting with other parents
  • LEARN & GROW by learning from your mentee
  • CREATE LASTING BONDS in the community

Why Be a Raising Harts Mentee?

  • GAIN GUIDANCE from a trusted parent who has been on your journey before
  • RECEIVE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT whenever you need it
  • SOLVE PROBLEMS by looking at solutions to your toughest challenges
  • BUILD CONFIDENCE & RESILIENCE that you are doing what's best for your kiddo

Empowering Parents.  Supporting Children.  Enriching Families. Welcome to Raising Harts.

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